2019 Sacramento Region Innovation Awards Program Winners


Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) began serving Sacramento in 1946 and today is the nation’s sixth-largest community-owned electric utility. This award recognizes the significance of innovation beyond business and technology. It is recognized nationally and internationally for its innovative energy efficiency programs and renewable power technologies.  SMUD’s commitment to the Mobility Center, the Powerhouse Science Center, HackerLab, CleanStart and other organizations working to develop an innovation economy in the region, as well as its initiatives to address climate change, demonstrate that SMUD embodies the region’s spirit of innovation in thought leadership and environmental stewardship. Learn more at

Advanced Manufacturing
Post Drivers & Jackhammers – US Hammer, Inc.

The fully self-contained line of US Hammer gas powered breakers will do the same job as a pneumatic jackhammer with less weight and at a fraction of the cost. Learn more here.


Food & Agribusiness
Vite Ramen – Vite Kitchens

Vite Ramen is instant ramen with a complete macronutrient profile designed to help keep you full and sustained without the use of excessive sodium, fats, and sugar. Learn more here.


Government & Civic
Japa Smart Parking – Japa, Inc.

Japa’s management platform allows parking facilities to view lot inventory in real time, see every lot information at every second, make smarter pricing and staffing decisions. Learn more here.


Medical & Health – BioPharma
Small Molecule Drug Discovery and Development – EicOsis

EicOsis is devel​oping a first-in-class therapy of a once daily, oral treatment for neuropathic and inflammatory pain in humans and companion animals. Learn more here.


Medical & Health – MedTech
Precision Balance PaaS – PROTXX, Inc.

The PROTXX wearable sensor enables precision balance tests as an information-rich new vital sign to assess and manage fatigue, impairment, injury and disease. Learn more here.


Intelligent Network Automation – Gluware, Inc.

Gluware Control is a data-model driven platform leveraging an intent-based, network-aware orchestration engine. Using pre-built or configuration modeled solutions customers can configure and deploy at scale. Learn more here.


Hank AI Virtual Building Engineer – Hank

Hank’s Virtual Building Engineer combines autonomous decision-making, proactive intelligence and remote technical support in one virtual engineering platform to streamline operations and reduce costs. Learn more here.

2018 Sacramento Region Innovation Awards Program Winners


Atocera is developing atomically sharp, rustproof ceramic and semiconductor blades with self-cleaning cutting-edges and integrated sensors enabled by highly matured, inexpensive microfabrication technology to offer unprecedented shaving and surgery solutions. Learn more at


Pheronym is an ag-biotech company that is using pheromone technology to control plant-parasitic nematodes (microscopic roundworms) and pest insects. Learn more at


The Street Nurse program, offered collaboratively by Sutter Health and WellSpace Health, connects the homeless with the resources they so desperately need, providing a vital link to the broader continuum of care. Learn more at


TacSense is pioneering the best flexible pressure sensor using nanoscopic iontronic film (i.e. ‘ionic’ + ‘electronic’) that integrates seamlessly with state-of-the-art microelectronics, and is ideally suited to pressure and force mapping applications of various surface topologies and geometries, for medical, consumer, industrial, robotics, and automotive applications. Learn more at



Cognivive develops digital medicines to reduce devastating neurocognitive and neuromotor impairments caused by acquired brain injury. Delivered using virtual reality technology, these therapeutics enable motivating, extensive, self-administered home treatment. Learn more at


MUSE Microscopy Inc. (Microscopy with Ultraviolet Sectioning Excitation). MUSE slide-free microscopy avoids the need for tissue histology (unavailable across much of the world), combining simplicity, ease of use and high quality to accelerate patient care and decrease costs. Learn more at


TraitWare eliminates the number one source of login attacks, usernames and passwords, and makes logging into any resource, from any device, incredibly simple and secure. Learn more at


The HEVI Hybrid platform, by Terzo Power Systems, is a family of products that allow the electrification and hybridization of Off-Highway agricultural and construction equipment. They are designed to be scalable and modular to fit many diverse applications with limited integration engineering resources needed. Learn more at

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