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2016-2017 Alumni Roundup

The Sacramento Region Innovation Awards celebrate the area’s vibrant innovation community — from emerging to established entities — and their breakthrough creations.

In 2018, the program expanded from six to eight categories, with the addition of Government and Civic and the separation of Medical and Health into MedTech and BioPharma categories. This year’s finalists will be announced on September 19th. An All Nominee Reception was hosted on August 30th at The Urban Hive in Sacramento.

Organizers also have highlighted an Innovation of the Year as part of the yearly awards ceremony, in recognition of the honoree’s widespread and profound effect on the region’s innovation ecosystem.

Thus far, 34 honorees have been named across all categories:

Innovation of the Year

The University of California, Davis as “Champion” of innovation and entrepreneurship (2017)

Golden 1 Center, the world’s most technologically advanced sports and entertainment arena (2016)

Advanced Manufacturing

CNC Machining Processes & Educational Platform by Titans of CNC (2017 Winner)

Watercraft Manufacturing by Free Form Factory Inc. (2016 Winner, company merged with Nikola Powersports)

Laser Solution for Medical Device Manufacturing by Aduro Laser (2017 Finalist, company sold to Resonetics)

BOLT STAR by Construction Innovations LLC (2016 Finalist)

Food & Agribusiness

VOC-based Citrus Disease Detection by XTB Laboratories (2017 Winner)

Radio Frequency Pasteurizer by RF Biocidics (2016 Winner)

IoE (Internet of Earth) Platform by Athena Intelligence, Inc. (2017 Finalist)

Ribozyme Technology by Circularis Biotechnologies (2017 Finalist)

Automated Irrigation Advisor by Tule Technologies (2016 Finalist)

RAPID Kit by Astrona Biotechnologies (2016 Finalist)

Hardware & Electronics

ADS1000 NVMe Storage Network by Apeiron Data Systems, Inc. (2017 Winner)

Linkbot by Barobo, Inc. (2016 Winner)

Supercapacitive Flexible IonTronic Sensing (FITS) Technology by TacSense, Inc. (2017 Finalist)

Ultrasonic 3D-sensing Solutions by Chirp Microsystems (2017 Finalist)

GPS Real-Time Network (CSDS RTN) by California Surveying & Drafting Supply (2016 Finalist)

SenCam by Senworth (2016 Finalist)

Medical & Health Technologies & Services

Automated Data Entry Process Technology (ADEPT) by Applied Science, Inc. (2017 Winner)

B. infantis by Evolve Biosystems (2016 Winner)

Device for Non-Invasive Fetal Oximetry by Raydiant Oximetry, Inc. (2017 Finalist)

KILI Medical Drain Carrier by Kili Summit Corporation (2017 Finalist)

Osteo-P HCCP by Molecular Matrix, Inc. (2016 Finalist)

ViVita Process & ViVita BP by ViVita Technologies, Inc. (2016 Finalist)


Government Fraud Detection as a Service (FDaaS) by Pondera Solutions (2017 Winner)

The Risk Number by Riskalyze (2016 Winner)

Denali Intelligence and Automation for and Microsoft by DialSource, Inc. (2016 & 2017 Finalist)

Digital Transaction Management for Real Estate by SkySlope (2017 Finalist)

Wyndow by Wyndow (2016 Finalist)


Tenkiv Solar Thermal Water Treatment Solutions by Tenkiv, Inc. (2017 Winner)

FastOx Gasifier by Sierra Energy (2016 Winner)

Hevi Hybrid Electric Power System by Terzo Power Systems, LLC (2017 Finalist)

Pipeline Leak Detection by Electro Scan Inc. (2016 Finalist)

TdX 20 by Bluon Energy (2016 Finalist)

In celebrating regional innovation, the awards aim to strengthen the Sacramento story, build the local economy, and stimulate the creative minds fueling our innovation ecosystem. Founded in 2016 by business law firm Stoel Rives LLP, the program is made possible with support from Moss Adams LLP, the Sacramento Business Journal, Five Star Bank, and the Greater Sacramento Economic Council — not to mention dozens of community partner organizations and the esteemed Selection Committee. The program is one of many corporate, civic and grassroots cohorts working to make Sacramento a recognized hub of innovation within the Northern California megaregion.

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